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SSCD Social Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as SSCD company) was established by a group of project staff with 20 years of experience working at YWAM – a Swiss NGO operating in Vietnam since 1998 with community development, humanitarian, and charity activities. In recent years, due to the changing investment and community development environment, Vietnam has become a middle-income country, in addition to the new sustainable requirements of international donors, especially with the enthusiasm and experience of YWAM project staff in community development, SSCD was established and officially came into operation since June 2020 (Business Registration No. 0109239614).


SSCD’s development strategy is to support sustainable rural community development with key tasks including:

  • Taking over and implementing the projects that YWAM has transferred to ensure successful projects in accordance with the project objectives.
  • Maintain cooperation with YWAM organization in orientation and make feasible proposals in support of difficult community activities to International Donors as well as regional development consultancy, support implementation of projects.
  • Capacity building for local partners including leaders & representatives of departments and unions.
  • Building a connection network to mobilize community participation to change thinking, and improve knowledge and skills for people on sustainable economic development, family governance, health care, education, and environmental protection.
  • Promote and develop the field of consulting and training services for organizations, businesses, and households.



  • Strategic consulting and implementation of community development projects in the fields of family and children, income improvement, environmental sanitation, and business & household development.
  • Providing consulting services, technical support to conduct surveys, evaluate community development projects for domestic and international NGOs and social organizations. In addition, SSCD continuously promotes the implementation of consulting services, training as well as technical support for models, enterprises, and business households.


Goal: Contributing to improving living conditions for people in rural areas.

Objective: Capacity building for local partners including leaders and representatives of various sectors and organizations, building a network of connections, mobilizing community participation, and improving people’s knowledge and skills in sustainable economic development, family governance, health care, education, and environmental protection.


Mr. Nguyen The Thang – Director 

Qualification: Bachelor of English, Bachelor of Business Administration

Mr. Thang has worked on the community development project since 2009. He loves this job because his efforts will contribute to helping disadvantaged people improve their living conditions. The motivation for him to work is that he can see the results, and the positive changes of the people as well as the community having the project activities.

Mrs. Nguyen Minh Tam – Vice Director
Qualification: Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of English and Foreign Trade

Mrs. Tam has a passion for community development activities, especially helping the poor. She shared that she loved the core goal of SSCD’s projects, which is “Building the capacity of local partners” in the areas where the Company’s staff had the opportunity to share the principles of the Company, as well as guide local leaders and officials in applying those principles to deal with the problems facing their localities. Mrs. Tam likes the friendly working environment of SSCD, the employees constantly have the opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge. She feels that working here helps her to grow in both work and personal life.

Nguyen Thi Yen – Vice director

Qualification: Master of Agriculture

Since 2004, Ms. Yen has participated in social activities. She was born in Bac Giang, a poor locality with many difficulties, so she understands very well the circumstances of households participating in project activities. Yen loves this job because she can become a source of encouragement, helping disadvantaged households step by step to overcome the difficulties they are facing.

Mr. Nguyen The Thang


Mrs. Nguyen Minh Tam

Vice Director

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Yen

Vice Director


Giving opportunities to schools for disadvantaged students: This activity is carried out at the beginning of the new school year in all areas where SSCD’s projects are being implemented. Each year, there will be about 200 – 250 gifts that are actually surveyed and meet students’ needs.

Comprehensive early childhood care and development (ECCD): This activity aims to help children develop comprehensively in terms of physical, cognitive, language, emotional, social skills, and aesthetics. SSCD focuses on capacity-building activities for leaders and representatives of local departments, training preschool teachers in knowledge and skills, creating a friendly and safe learning environment for children, supporting basic equipment for preschools, changing awareness and knowledge about comprehensive early childhood care and education for parents and the community, upgrading and building new preschool.

Building a reading culture at school and in the community: To create reading habits for students as well as change the perception of local leaders, teachers, parents, and the community in creating reading habits and self-study for students. The activity upgraded normal libraries into friendly libraries, and organized training courses for students, teachers, and parents on reading skills, organizing library activities, …SSCD is supporting 14 libraries (Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province: 10 & Hoai Duc district, Hanoi: 4). There are a number of libraries that meet provincial standards.

Cow bank:  This activity contributes to equipping tools, knowledge, and skills in household economic development. Cow banks were formed and supported with techniques for raising and caring for cows, multiplying the number of cows, and the number of beneficiaries. Creating motivation for support and linkage between families in economic development. This activity is being carried out in Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province and Hoai Duc district, Hanoi.

Establishment of production teams/clubs:  This activity supports the Fund for household economic development, sharing experiences and lessons in increasing production and sustainable ways of developing, actively seeking resources from the outside, and finding output to promote products to the market using e-commerce platforms. Currently, SSCD is taking over 9 production teams as well as clubs (Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province: 9, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi 1).

Changing the way of thinking and doing in income generation:  The focus of the activity is to promote in changing thinking and doing, continuous learning, innovation & creativity in household income generation. The content of activities is technical support, financial management & the formation of a support fund for advanced agricultural models and potential business models…

Raising awareness and knowledge for the community about health care and family management:  In order to change awareness, update knowledge and skills about health care and family management in a new trend for local leaders local authorities, enterprises/business households, members of the faculty union, teachers, parents, and students.

Supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises: Focusing on training on corporate governance with a set of tools transferred from a Swiss consulting group, technical support in production optimization, consulting, and supporting the implementation of improvement models of general management and production management to improve productivity, quality, and satisfaction of employees, supporting loans for young and potential business models.


Financial resources:  Mobilizing domestic and international funding (from individuals, businesses, organizations, and embassies) and developing consulting services, survey technical support, planning, implementing, and evaluating community development projects for NGOs and social enterprises. In addition, SSCD promotes consulting, training, businesses, and households in corporate governance to standardize the processing system to create jobs and increase income for local workers.

Human resources:  SSCD’s staff has master’s degrees with many years of experience and dedication in implementing development projects as well as providing consulting and training services. SSCD has been cooperating effectively with a team of national and international consultants with master’s degrees or higher who are working at universities, institutes, and hospitals in many fields such as early childhood education, gender equality, healthcare, corporate governance, livestock & farming. They are all expertise & many years of experience working with NGOs and communities.


Address: No. 16, lane 6/59/10 Mieu Nha, Tay Mo, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi

Phone:  0988261902.

Email: tnhhsscd@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/congtysscd