SSCD – Scholarship for children in 2023 – 2024

Every year, SSCD organizes a scholarship program for disadvantaged students in its project areas. In the school year 2023-2024, more than 350 gifts including school supplies, books, notebooks, technical kits… were given to the students. To carry out this activity, members of the Project Management Board and teachers from the schools made a list and visited each family to understand the actual needs of the children. This ensures that the scholarships will support them in their studies in the most effective way.
SSCD’s scholarship activities have created a ripple effect in the community, when a number of businesses, individuals and local study promotion associations have joined hands and supported more scholarships for students.
This demonstrates the community’s affection and interest in improving the quality of education and providing learning opportunities for disadvantaged children.
SSCD is proud to be able to contribute to reducing the burden on families and creating opportunities for students with difficult circumstances. This scholarship program not only provides the necessary education supplies but also gives hope and confidence to the children in the learning process. From there, they will have the opportunity to access a better future and make a positive contribution to society.
Support from other individuals and organizations has contributed to the success of SSCD’s scholarship activities. This solidarity and volunteering is a clear demonstration of the power of community consensus and demonstrates that we can make positive changes for children’s futures.