SSCD – Successfully organized a Communication Night in Kham Lang Commune, Luc Nam, Bac Giang

THE COMMUNICATION NIGHT – A major activity of the Sustainable Economic Development Project in Kham Lang Commune with the sponsorship and coordination between SSCD Co., Ltd, and Kham Lang People’s Committee was successfully held on the evening of October 16, 2022.
This was a major communication activity of the project, with the participation and coordination of the leaders, civil servants, and officials of Kham Lang commune, the BOM, the commune’s cultural teams, the hamlets’ art teams, 3 schools, and students.
This activity attracted thousands of local people to watch and cheer for the performances, which were staged, rehearsed, and performed by the people in the hamlet, and in Kham Lang commune.
SSCD SOCIAL CO., LTD would like to thank the efforts and companionship of all members; Thank you to the consultants who always accompany SSCD. Thank you all for creating a “useful – meaningful – safe” communication night!