SSCD – Capacity building training for middle managers at enterprises

Business leaders cannot take on all the work, they have to share this management power with another department – they are the middle management team. Mid-level managers hold the same administrative role as senior managers with a “smaller scale”. They also have to motivate their employees to work, build an effective team, and have to deal with conflicting situations at work… Therefore, in addition to the expertise of the job, the middle management team has to need more important skills. That is called management capacity.

The training course on “Communication and teamwork skills” implemented by SSCD for middle managers at Asahi Denso, a Japanese enterprise, helped the staff understand the importance of communication, principles and basic skills in communication, applying V.A.K.Ad to identify communication styles, reading personality through D.I.S.C, principles of teamwork, understanding yourself and team members. Through games, group discussions, and role-playing situations, members have learned valuable lessons about self-leadership, effective communication and team spirit. In addition, the teams have planned to apply communication and teamwork skills in business and life right after finishing the course.
Ms.Nguyen Thi Hien, purchasing manager of the company, class monitor shared: “The course is very fun and useful. I understand myself and everyone better. I am a C type myself, what should I do? I’m always pondering. I will adjust myself and combine with the team to promote each person’s strengths.”
With the elite “middle-level” core team, the business leaders will not do the wrong thing and the quality of business operations will be more effective and productive. An investment in intelligence is always a profitable investment.
SSCD is always ready to accompany businesses, production and business households in improving management capacity to increase labor productivity and employee satisfaction.