SSCD – Equipping Households with Financial Management Knowledge

In Hanoi’s Ba Vi district, 21 family businesses were selected for micro-loans through surveys and assessment. Most of the family businesses receiving loans were farmers who borrowed money to produce crops or raise animals. They had business and loan repayment plans approved by SSCD as part of the process. In order to receive a loan, households must commit to full participation in Family Business Management & Marketing training sessions offered by SSCD.

Training topics include:
-Effective mindset and how to be successful in doing family business.
-Basic Management & Marketing tools to help household heads be proactive and professional in taking advantage of opportunities for family business.

This will give participating households the opportunity to access loans and be equipped with sufficient knowledge to develop a strong family business. Strong businesses help the development of the whole community and create learning and employment opportunities for other households in the area. This lifts communities out of poverty and that is the mission of YWAM Mercy/SSCD.

Mr. Thang shared business insights with specific examples like the Swiss army knife. He shared with participants new tools and concepts he learned in Switzerland in early 2023.

Mr. Thang, Director of SSCD, enhanced the training with many practical stories, and visualized marketing tools. Participants also worked in groups to develop effective marketing plans. Learning-by-doing helps everyone understand the importance of business plans and how to develop them to optimize their strengths.

Using Swiss Create’s techniques to visualize concepts helped keep the attention of the participants.

Sharing about successful advanced farming models previously implemented in Bac Giang also helped participants to further understand the basic concepts on family business management and to change their mindset.

Mr. Thang, Director of SSCD, shared about the importance of trademark and logo registration during the training session using Swiss Create’s materials.

Putting New Concepts into Practice as Soon as Possible Solidifies Learning

An in-class contest called “Excellent Sale” had 5 groups give a 3-5 minutes sales pitch using real products. The judging panel included Board of Management (BOM) members, local leaders and SSCD staff.

The presentation on selling products was very lively. Participants acted as both sellers and  buyers. This practical session could be immediately applied to their businesses. Some participants brought their own products to the training class to try out their new sales pitches on their classmates.

After each presentation, participants answered questions from the group and listened to the feedback from the trainer and other class members.

Multiplying Community Impact

After training, most households are much more confident. They know how to present the sale process for their product with key things to convince the customer and investors.

YWAM Mercy/SSCD encourages the households who have participated in the training to share what they have learned with others in the community, multiplying the impact.