SSCD – Ginseng Model (Sam Nam Nui Danh)

Farmers in the new developing period need to always update their scientific and technical knowledge, constantly looking for crops and animals that bring high economic value. With that criterion, SSCD accompanied and supported the connection for members of Bao Son medicinal plants cooperative and representatives of BOM in Bao Son project to visit and learn about the ginseng models of Bac Giang Plant Breeding Center. Here, the director of the center shared a lot of practical experience in model development and working, connecting with consumer businesses, and ensuring output for farmers’ products.

Then we had the opportunity to visit directly the ginseng model in Yen The district and listen to the owner’s sharing. We realize that this is a new type of tree with great potential for development in the future, bringing high economic efficiency to the local people. It is hoped that this will be a new direction for households in the SSCD project area, contributing to crop diversity and improving people’s economic life.