SSCD – Visit the Child Friendly Library in Cat Que

To share the impact of the Child Friendly Library project in creating and maintaining reading habits at school sponsored by YWAM/SSCD, at the beginning of August, SSCD organized a visit and working session at Cat Que B Elementary school and Cat Que B Secondary School. Curious and eager to hear from the Principal of Cat Que B Elementary School in organizing activities to ensure continuous innovation, the donors acknowledge the enthusiasm, the love and curiosity in learning of the school’s management board and the school library’s working group. Cat Que B Secondary School is very proactive in following the results of the primary school and promoting reading activities in the library and in the classroom corners of the school.
Ms. Hanh, a young entrepreneur, SSCD’s sponsor in Hanoi shared, “I impressed with the teachers choose to buy each book, organize activities so that their children can promote their creativity, basic reading teaching methods. The effectiveness of each level is enough to see the enthusiasm of the teachers. The products to introduce books that children make, draw, and decorate are really impressive.”
“Actions speak louder than words” donors highly appreciate SSCD’s support, advice and implementation of community development activities locally and are ready to cooperate with SSCD in the near future.