SSCD – Motivation training for preschool teachers

The training course for preschool teachers at Vo Tranh No. 2 Preschool – Bac Giang and Quynh Hoa Preschool – Thai Binh organized and sponsored by SSCD in August 2023 is an important training course. The program focuses on enhancing the professional knowledge of teachers, providing the necessary skills for effective communication.
The training focused on building confidence, motivating and instilling passion for preschool teachers, even though they face many difficulties and struggles in their daily work. The program helps teachers become aware of the role and meaning of early childhood work and explores how to create motivation in teaching and caring for young children.
The training course also has the important effect of preparing teachers well before the new school year. Introducing new methods, updating knowledge, and discussing challenges and opportunities at work help teachers better prepare for a successful school year.
The sponsorship and support from SSCD is also the company’s commitment and interest in the development of quality education and teaching career in the company’s project areas.